Sandalwood Paste

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We provide information about sandalwood paste and you can buy natural, organic sandalwood paste here too.

In case you are not familiar with this wonderful skin care product, please allow us to introduce some of the benefits of sandalwood paste to you:

It is antimicrobial and is often used for acne to clear up the skin. Even acne scarring can be reduced with a regular application on your face.

Personally, we use sandalwood paste instead of a shower gel. We simply step into the shower and shampoo our hair, and by then all our body is covered in water. We then take a bit of sandalwood paste, rub it into our hands so that it mixes with a bit of water and rub it all over our body, but specially under our armpits and between our legs. If you have the time, we recommend you wait five or ten minutes to let it dry a bit, but if you don’t want to take that long, you can just wash it off directly.

First of all – your whole body will smell wonderful. It’s a very discreet but pleasant scent. Second of all, it’s extremely healthy for your skin (we’re going to go into more detail about that later on). Third of all, it is a much better alternative to shower gels that almost always contain chemicals that can be harsh on your skin – very different from sandalwood paste, which is fine even for sensitive skin.

In fact, sandalwood paste is excellent for babies when they have a rash too. (But always be sure to try it on a small spot first to see if there is a reaction. We never heard of a case where there was a negative reaction, but better be safe than sorry).

Sandalwood skin also helps to tone your skin and make the pores smaller. It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to remove excess oil from your face and body, without completely replenishing your skin of the oil it needs to be healthy. (That’s one of the main reasons why some facial cleansers often start to irritate the skin and cause skin problems when people use them regularly – they are very effective at removing all the oil from the skin, but the skin needs a certain amount of oil – or actually sebum, an oil-like substance – in order to be healthy).

What’s more – it can not just be use for oily skin, but even as a treatment for dry skin, because it nourishes the skin and helps to moisturize it. This might sound contradictory, but if you give it a try you will see for yourself that it really is true.

If you have itchy skin, you will find pleasant relief when you apply sandalwood paste to your skin, because it has cooling properties and reduces or completely banishes the itchiness. (Note: also works for insect bites and mosquito stings).

In Ayurvedic medicine, sandalwood paste can be used to reduce headaches – rub it on your forehead to give it a try. Personally, we had mixed results when it comes to headaches. It definitely reduce headaches to a certain extent, but you should not expect a miracle.

Sandalwood paste is truly one of natures most versatile skin-care treatments, and it’s surprising that it is not more well-known in USA and Europe.